Continuous Team Health Monitoring

Simplteam makes it easy to monitor your team's health with anonymous surveys, so you can proactively improve your team's performance.
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Automatic Team Health Monitoring

Automatic, anonymous surveys that make it easy to monitor the health of your team.

Simplteam's team health survey asking about specific feedback

Save Time

Surveys are automatic and you'll receive a summary report to your email each week with focus areas highlighted.

Real Feedback

Anonymous surveys increase the honesty & quality of feedback to help you make better decisions.

Measure Impact

See the impact that events and management changes have on the health of your team.

Increase Engagement

Engage your team members better by asking them for feedback on the things that are important to their success.

Understand your team better for better team performance

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Get Real Feedback

Start Getting Real Feedback with one Click

Activate surveys for your team with one click and surveys with questions for key health metrics will automatically be sent to your team each week.

Easy & Entertaining Surveys

Our surveys are short, simple and have interesting illustrations that make them easy and enjoyable to complete.

Easy & Entertaining Surveys
One Minute Insights

One Minute Insights

We organize your team survey results into an easy-to-read report. Identify where to focus for greatest impact in as little as one minute.

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Increase your team's rate of improvement with team health surveys