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Simplteam make's it easy to set, manage and track individual goals that align with your team's goals
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Align, Focus & Motivate Your Team

Our easy-to-use SMART goals tool helps you align, focus and motivate your team for better performance.

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Easy Goal Setting

Add and track team and individual SMART goals using a simple, no-nonsense interface.

Improve Decision Making

Clear Goals help you and your team focus on what’s important and make the right decisions.

Proactive Goal Management

Monitor the progress of your team's goals and proactively identify issues for quicker resolution.

Improve Accountability

Ownership and well-defined goals bring clarity and acountability to your team.

Align your team with clear, simple goals

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Simple & Easy Goals

Setting goals doesn't need to be complicated. Our goal tool makes it easy for any person to set & track effective goals that will improve their performance.

Team & Individual Goals

Simplteam helps you set the direction for your team with team goals and makes it easy to link individual goals to specific team goals for better alignment.
Provide clarity to each team member's role in achieving your team's goals.

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One Minute Insights

We organize survey results into easy-to-read reports that help you identify areas to focus on for greatest impact in as little as one minute.

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