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Welcome to Simplteam!

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Welcome to Simplteam!


We're excited to introduce you to simplteam and to tell you about our mission & approach to help managers build more successful teams.

We've created simplteam to address some of the most common problems that limit the success of managers, by providing a framework and tools that help managers adopt best practices, understand their teams better, and spend time on higher impact activities.

Whether you're a new manager that wants to quickly achieve success in your role, or you're an experienced manager looking for ways to increase your impact and deliver consistently high results -- simplteam can help!

The Management Challenge

Becoming a great manager is a rewarding and meaningful challenge.  As a manager you have greater potential for contributing to your company's success because of your ability to impact the performance of the people on your team.  In fact, Gallup research has found that 70% of the variation between great workplace engagement and lousy workplace engagement can be explained just by the quality of the manager or team leader.  Given the magnitude of a manager's influence, it's important that managers have a positive impact on their teams and not a negative one.

Simplteam's goal is to first ensure that managers have a positive impact on their teams instead of a negative one, and second to maximize the degree of a manager's positive impact.  We've identified three very common problems that are barriers to a manager's success: 1) insufficient training and support for new managers, 2) limited visibility and feedback about the current health of a team, 3) low managerial leverage.

In the following sections we'll take a look at each of these challenges facing managers and briefly discuss how simplteam helps managers overcome them.

Adopting Management Best Practices

Employees that have been successful in non-management roles are often promoted into management roles with the expectation that they'll easily achieve the same level success. However, in most cases, the skills that made them successful in their previous role are different from the ones that will make them successful as a manager.  Unfortunately in many companies, new managers are left to figure out how to manage effectively on their own.  This results in an extended period of having a limited positive impact on their team and results in inconsistency as managers often don't fully develop all of the core skills that a great manager needs.  In some cases, the lack of training and support results in individuals not successfully making the transition to their manager role.

Simplteam's goal is to help managers quickly develop their management skills and begin having a positive impact on their team.  We do this by providing managers with a framework for adopting essential management practices even if they have little or no prior knowledge or experience.  Our platform makes it easy for managers to learn and implement best practices such as goal setting, collecting feedback, 1-on-1 meetings, career development, and more -- leading to skilled, well-rounded managers.  

Improving Faster with Short Feedback Loops & Better Information

It's difficult to improve as a manager if you have limited access to important information about your team's health and performance, or if there's too much of a delay in receiving this information.  Lacking good information, it's difficult to determine if your actions are having the desired effect.  Your team may be achieving performance targets, but if this is at the expense of motivation or satisfaction this can lead to performance problems in the future.  Even if you solicit feedback from your team members, it's natural for people to avoid being too honest to protect your feelings or out of fear.

The core of the simplteam platform is our simplsurveys that are automatically sent to your team on a weekly basis to gather their feedback relating to 12 team health metrics.  These surveys are anonymous which makes team members feel comfortable providing honest feedback which gives you a clearer picture of your team's real health.

Simplteam organizes the results into reports that allow you to quickly understand your team's health and identify areas that may require attention.  You can easily see changes, trends, and areas to focus on for the biggest impact. These surveys also give you a quick feedback mechanism that helps you understand how your actions are affecting your team and whether they are having the desired effect.

Increasing Managerial Leverage

As a manager, you likely already have more tasks to complete than time available to complete them.  So how do you increase the performance of your team if your schedule is already full?  In his book, High Output Management, Intel's Andy Grove presents three ways that a manager can increase his or her impact: 1) increasing the rate with which they perform their activities or speeding up their work, 2) shifting the mix of their activities from those with lower to those with higher leverage, and 3) increasing the leverage associated with their various managerial activities.

Simplteam helps managers benefit from each of these approaches for increasing impact.  The management tools on our platform automate and streamline many activities related to managing a team -- speeding up the rate at which managers can complete their work.  Our simplsurvey reports show managers where to focus their attention for the greatest impact, allowing them to shift the mix of their activities to ones with higher leverage. Finally, simplteam's management tools provide managers with guidance on how to conduct their management activities for the greatest effect.

Let's Raise the Bar Together

Our mission with simplteam is to make it easy for managers to build consistently successful teams by providing tools that help make management more systematic, efficient and adaptable.  We're excited to contribute to the success of managers and the important role that they play in the success of their teams.

If you're a manager that is dedicated to improving and building successful teams, we invite you to try simplteam for free here: Free Trial.