Build trust one conversation at a time

Easy, well-organized 1-on-1s to strengthen relationships, motivation & performance
Employee having a 1-on-1 meeting with their manager

Strengthen the bonds that build a winning team

Simple, structured 1-on-1 meetings that build the relationships necessary for a high-performing team

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Accelerate Improvement

Frequent 1-on-1s help you stay informed about your team member's work, provide assistance to overcome problems sooner, and provide regular motivation to increase productivity.

Increase Consistency

Our 1-on-1 planner helps you follow a consistent, but flexible format for your 1-on-1s meetings to help you maximize the impact of the time you spend with your team members.

Reduce Preparation Time

Team members or managers can easily add discussion topics to an upcoming 1-on-1 or select a discussion topic from a library of pre-written topics, plus you'll have easy access to relevant information like employee goals, follow-up items, and more.

Meeting History

Our 1-on-1 planner keeps a record record of all of your past meetings, making it easy for you to track employee progress, reference previous notes & comments, and find opportunities for improvement.

Get to know your team members better

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Improve Your Coaching Skills

1-on-1s provide the perfect opportunity for managers to improve their coaching techniques. Actively listening and providing advice and guidance allows managers to provide their team with valuable support. This coaching mentality can help to improve team performance and success.

Stay Organized

Simplteam's 1-on-1 app does the heavy lifting for you. Managers only need to show up and follow the structure provided by the software to run highly successful 1-on-1s.

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One Minute Insights

We organize survey results into easy-to-read reports that help you identify areas to focus on for greatest impact in as little as one minute.

Strengthen relationships & increase motivation with effective 1-on-1s